Positive Experience

You are helping keep me alive. I hope it is worth it! I am deeply grateful. The nurse gave me a gem: “it is bad if you stop feeling pain in your feet.” Genna is a ‘gem’ too.

What A Gem!

I am very pleased with the level of care received at Randall Dermatology and Med Spa. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. My facial redness is now under control due to the prescription recommended by the nurse practitioner. I was so pleased with the results and I thanked her personally. I would highly recommend Randall Dermatology.

Very Pleased!

This was my first visit. I appreciated having the initial visit paperwork mailed to me, so I could have it completed before I came to the office for my appointment. I found the medical assistants friendly, and the waiting area comfortable. The nurse who took my history, was professional and thorough. The doctor asked questions and listened to my answers. He then explained the options and advised the proposed treatments could be done during this visit. Both the doctor and nurse asistant performed the procedures with no discomfort to me. The nurse provided instructions and supplies for care of the areas treated. A second appointment was made to remove stitches. A perfect medical visit!

First Visit